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Rantings of a Damaged Mind By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler

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This genie spell hex you put on me will kill me.

I want to die.

I'm sick of the anxiety and shit you cause me, in my head all the time.

Why did you magically bind me to you?

We belong together? Horse shit!

You belong in the bottom block.

You're nuts and drive me insane.

I must end my life and get away from you. Permanently.

I borrowed my mate's pistol. He's a dealer.

His chrome Snub Nose 38 felt nice in my hand.

One pull of the trigger and I'm toast.

I put the gun in my mouth and close my eyes.

You're not on my mind, you fucking bitch!

Soon I'll be in paradise, far from you.

I squeeze the trigger. Bye bye bitch!


Frantic with stress I check the gun. It's loaded.

I put six 38 Dum Dum bullets in myself.

The firing pin is okay. Should be no problem.

I try to blow my fucking head off again.

I feel you trying to control me. Fuck off!


Oh Satan! What did that bitch do?

She hexed me so I can't commit suicide.

I must rush to my mate's so he can shoot me, before you come for me...

Memories (by Mel)

Today as I sit and think of you,

I remember your face so dearly.

I can still see the love which shone

As the lights flashed across your face.

I remember a straight line across your jaw

And the tightness of your expression.

I can still see the creases on your face

As you smiled at your friends.

You seemed so sure and confident

And so relaxed and patient.

I stood and watched you and

When your gaze met mine, I glanced away.

I glanced away even though I didn't want to.

I turned away though my heart was screaming.

I felt as though you were still looking at me

And your gaze seemed to tear me apart.

I wanted to run up to you and hold you close

and perhaps then you would have known how I felt

About you...

I see you so clearly in my dreams and it seems

as though you're a part of me, but you suddenly drift away.

You drift away because my grasp on you isn't secure.

You drift away in dark and smoky clouds.

I reach out for you every way I can.

I whisper your name as I walk down deserted alleys and high mountains.

I see your face in everything I do,

and I fumble with sweet thoughts of you.

Will I ever make you mine or will you always

Be a memory that I failed to erase.


Aurora's Night Jimmy Boom Semtex

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One week after that, I was called into the boss' office. Why? Had I screwed up my job? Had a jet crashed? No, I'm too good. Why then? Did I talk when pissed when I was in bed with Sally? The hot bar girl I met. You should have seen her legs. Went on forever! No. The boss read me like a plane book!

"Relax son. I've a job for you, if you want it. You know how we work here. Hush hush. I heard about your paper plane win. Well done. Listen... build us a plane. The coolest plane ever built. You up for it?"


Pound Cocktail By Nick Armbrister

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Neo’s dark green eyes flickered and opened. He was a spent force but he wanted more, much more, yet his body wanted to remain on the fine sand. A shaft of light caught the corner of his eye when the sun slowly came up on the horizon, dawn was here. This moment was special for Neo, Look and remember it forever, his mind told him. Slowly he moved his hand and placed it upon Reanna’s back, feeling her warm flawless skin and gentle breathing under his touch; she acknowledged this with a nice sigh, almost inaudible. Neo’s cock was flaccid but it twitched when he thought of making love to her.

Desire rose up to overtake him.

old cover before itune mother fucking rules made me change it. word pussy in the title. fuck apple/itunes/ibooks

Second Shadow Jimmy Boom Semtex varied poems

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Dark Russia

It's a historical fact. They wanted freedom and for a time it felt real. But occupying forces occupied some more. Invading them with 2000 tanks and 500,000 men. Soviet style.

100 freedom wanting people were killed.

Their Prague Spring annihilated. Today the Neo Soviet regime made a TV docu. It's like blaming NATO for the 1968 invasion. The docu makers claimed a Nato backed "armed coup" was being planned under the cover of the "legend of peaceful civilian uprising with the romantic name of the Prague Spring".

All lies.

Ambassadors were summoned to explain why history was rewritten. And protests heard. Normally good relations soured. What next? A new invasion? Neo Soviet lies who also said the Warsaw Pact was defensive. Labelling NATO the aggressors.

History deniers of the highest order.


Questions to where? Where to question? On 220 dead Neo Soviet soldiers killed in two Ukrainian battles. Blood on their master's hands. Their blood. Is Putin The Dog happy? What if he wins his Ukrainian adventure and then ISIS bites his arse? He's in trouble then.


Eight Decades

The lady sold poppies. An estimated thirty thousand of them. She did this for 76 years. That's older than most people and a human lifetime. Then it all went wrong.

Cash sent by post went missing. Direct debits mounted up and people harassed her by phone. If someone stole the cash, hit them with a manslaughter charge. The lost cash was on her mind. Always.

And the old lady lost faith in people. She committed suicide by jumping into a gorge. Used a step ladder to climb over the railing.

Her father's old war stories had an effect upon her. Tales from World War 1.

Things weren't always this bad. She was married once to a Navy man. And was very happy. Then he was killed in the war. His sub went down.

She then did what became her life: selling poppies to remember our fallen warriors. Honesty and respectful were how people should be.

There were other things she fought. Breast cancer was one enemy beaten. And she remarried twice. Was her first husband always her love? She wore his medals at the cathedral while selling poppies.

She raised a big amount from selling them and used her pension to cover monthly payments at the end.

The British Legion gave her a medal and the Prime Minister honoured her with an award.

Britain's best known poppy seller. Now at peace age 92. Her name was Olive. Remember her, what she did and what she stood for.


Vietnamese Tiger Bone Paste

How can it be possible? That a magnificent tiger gets turned into bone paste? I never knew it was possible. The email I got confirmed it was. Sign the petition they asked. I did.

It's in Vietnam. Here the tigers are killed then processed. I don't want to know how they do it. Or what it's used for. I thought it was only the Chinese who did things like this. I was wrong.

The people who kill the tigers don't care they're endangered. That only a few are left. Their belief, rightly or wrongly, in the tiger paste and its uses will keep them doing their heinous trade.

Will the petition change anything? I don't know but it's a start. Maybe corrupt officials and greedy hunters and bone grinders will think twice next time. We can but sign and hope. For the tigers and all the other endangered animals. It's up to us to do something.


Weapons Of Peace

Welcome to Saudi Arabia. Land of desert and oil. Be good here or you're in trouble. Steal a handbag, lose a hand. Smuggle drugs and lose your head. Head chopping business is good. They're recruiting 8 new choppers. If you want to be one step above a savage, this job's for you. You'll be both feared and respected with your razor sharp sword and never out of work.

The Saudi's are bombing the fuck out of Yemen. Using weapons bought from the UK and USA. Top dollar warplanes dropping smart bombs. Hitting big ammo dumps and killing Houthi rebels. Besides thousands of civilian casualties, usual collateral damage. Many months of air raids, no end in sight. Will Iran be drawn in? Houthi rebel backers, smashing Iranian influence. For now.

It was a small news report: Saudi to buy Pakistan nukes. With no complaints or fanfare. Off the shelf bombs to face off Iran. Will it deter or spur Iran to build their own bomb? Why don't the Jews sell invisible nukes to Saudi? My enemy's enemy is my friend. Nuclear proliferation failed. Will they buy bombs, rockets or cruise missiles? What next for Saudi? Peacemaking?


The Erotic Poetry of Nick Armbrister By Nick Armbrister

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This collection contains Nick Armbrister's adult erotic poetry from 1996 to 2017. The mood and style vary but all are adult and well written. Check them out. Nick also writes other topics and writing.

New Dawn 2971 By Nick Armbrister

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New Dawn 2971

By Nick Armbrister

New Dawn 2971 is here. The first new varied poetry collection (excluding specific single topic collections) by Nick Armbrister since his Wow! Tattoo My Butt Part 2 - Where Do You Think We All Will Be Tomorrow? of 2013.

New Dawn features many alternative pieces in the vein of Nick's pen name Jimmy Boom Semtex. Poems like By Phone cover an erotic automated phone voice; 14 Minutes is about the missile flight time from North Korea to Guam; When I Was Almost Killed covers a car accident that almost killed Nick; Wake up Cliché screams break free of the 'system' and be aware. Many other subjects are here and emotions and views abound.

There are also sections featuring other writers like Indian poets Saurabh Pant and Priya Verma and joint poems with the Mule and other writers.

This is a book that rivets Nick Armbrister's return as a poet, writer and author beyond description. Check this book out now.

Juniper's Daughter: Fookin' Weech By Nick Armbrister

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Juniper's Daughter is a character made up by Nick Armbrister. She is a witch. Her main role is fighting evil and the Devil. Join her in a variety of situations and conflicts described in these cutting edge poems. They are multi emotional from satire, serious, sad and left of centre. Subjects include a lamppost that works for the Devil, erotic sex at work, invading a country for its alleged resources and much more. Juniper's Daughter is always busy for evil is everywhere. Corrupting the weak and killing in war. Our world needs the witch now...

We Came

We came from very far away to see your planet

We wanted to meet you and see how you were

We were shocked to find so much badness and evil

We saw wars, murder, violence, genocide and much more

We saw people willingly giving themselves to evil

We saw people turn a blind eye to violence and let it continue

We saw an all powerful shady figure carry out his deadly agenda

We saw a figure of the light try to stop him by her simple means

8th Son Version 2.0 By Jimmy Boom Semtex

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The book is the follow up to book one. It features his new work and several joint poems with other authors/writers/poets. The work is diverse and global in nature. From Jimmy's poems on missiles (Cruise) to touching eroticism (Curvature) and hard hitting work on a deprived town (Dumpster Town), this ebook has it all.

Like book 1 there is a section on Mustang Sunny 8 with poems and photos of the actual plane crash. The joint project section has many poems. Examples are Free Falling by Drifting star and Leg Fetish by Nalini Starr.

Varied photographs give an added layer to the poetry.


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Hi Jimmy,


Thank you for your patience. I have reviewed your content with our distribution team and your eBooks are no longer eligible for iBookstore because some of them contain deemed explicit and inappropriate by Apple and they have rejected it. We are no longer able to submit any of your content to Apple.


I apologize for this inconvenience.


Kindest regards