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Blow Me Down Erotic Nick Armbrister

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The thrusts were slow and deep. Each brought a sigh of delight. They French kissed and had no inhibitions. Clare came. Her cum went everywhere. The strap on was full of it. Her grin said it all.


Jak watched and tossed himself off. He was a happy man! And even more so when they did gal on gal. The sight of two ladies licking, sucking, fingering and nibbling was one to die for. As were the noises they made over their thirty minutes. Jak had one orgasm and kept on going.


Clare then sucked off Jak till he shot his load a further time. She was somewhat tired now so was lazy in her ways. It was a Sunday morning blow job.


“Here we go my dear. Your banana,” explained Janice to Emma. Both gals smiled wickedly and cheekily laughed. Janice took her own out of the bag and held it next to Emma’s. “Your banana is bigger than mine, Emma! Do you want to peel it and put it up my pussy?”


“What do you think, sister?” Emma’s voice was breathless.


Janice slowly peeled the fruit, making each action a story. Soon the shaft of the banana was exposed. Emma lifted up the summer dress over her shapely legs and pulled her panties down.


“I’m all yours babe. Do your worst,” she said. Emma’s darkly tanned thighs were smooth and lovely. Slowly she opened her legs, allowing the banana entry to her most secret place. Jan threw the skin over her left shoulder for good luck. Janice took in the view of Emma’s fully bald pussy with lovely lips. What an invitation! Onwards went the banana.


“You've got a nice pussy. Very pretty,” complimented Jan stroking Emma’s inner leg with the banana.




junk in lower case

the girl sounded hot on the phone

she was asked what job she wanted to do

she replied anything...

...high class hooker was one offer

she declined that after thinking

then added i'm a back to front gal

so what can you do for me?

the guy paused for thought

and looked her up and down

then nodded for she was just right

she fit the picture and was the picture

a new model was needed

not just anyone you understand

this model needed to be really cool

an open minded gal with no inhibitions

we'll start right now and see how you do

in no time she was posing a killer pose

letting it all hang out with no issue nor slight

it went fast from there like you wouldn't believe

she ended up owning the set, the show, the art

she was the picture, art became her an empire

and more from initial beginnings to owning the world

here she was queen princess whore lover mother and more

what she said went down for the job was her her her

it was amazing how one could profit from their situation

end up owning it like she did and this was her

an example to us all the little people to succeed

for she thrived in the oldest trade one thousand years old

which had as many names and pleasures

from the lowliest peasant in the field



Berlin Tokyo War Hearts By Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets

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She was my new romantic love interest and we had so much in common. Both of us being poets, her talents were formidable like her temper. She liked music like me, Goth and metal. No chance of us going to a gig coz you won't speak to me after I was deleted off your friend list. Ok I overreacted and blamed you, you retaliated. Annoyed and angry, oh yes.

No date, meeting me or me taking you out. Kaput. Nor will we read poetry to one another after making love. At least we read them online. I blame facefuk for fucking up what we had before we had it. I'm a wounded lion again and have a new reason to drink so it takes the edge off yesterday.

Do I do psychic magic protection around us so you're mine? Bind you to me? My karma is fucked already. Reiki healing last week helped but you blew it away, I need a month of it. Never mind my blood flowing. Imagine we had succeeded? I'd be happy not sad and you not mad, you joyous, not angry.

Natalie: Poems of War and Peace

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Natalie is a unique lady who we can all identify with. She's a warrior woman who fought in the Malvinas/Falklands war and was badly wounded. Many of her friends were murdered for having different views, they were a few of The Disappeared. Over time she believes in peace and moves away from war. Natalie has a goth band and a red stunt aeroplane both called Mayo. Check Nat's story out. She is our sister.

Natalie: Poems of War and Peace

By Nick Armbrister

Natalie. Politico

There was trouble in The Argentine. A few of Natalie’s friends spoke out against the military junta who ruled the country. The two girls and one boy, all aged eighteen, had simply vanished. Natalie was scared. Roberto warned her not to speak out. The same people who forced him into the army, ending his college studies, had apprehended the teens. Their fate was unknown and not good.

Nat was having none of this. She wrote a song, in Spanish, criticizing the government and asking where her friends were. At a live gig in a monastery town outside BA, her band did a gig and she sang that song. Other people were watching her. Her life and new air force career were in grave danger. Did Natalie know or care?

Natalie sang her song for her dear friends who were missing. It was no use going to the authorities, they were responsible! The message was clear. Don't speak out against the ruling junta. Was Nat actually on their side? Joining the air force and being a future tool for their use in any war with Chile over the border or even Britain on the Malvinas. Either thought scared her to death.

While on stage Nat briefly toyed with the idea of dropping out of her training. The fate of her friends deeply affected her; she could end up like them. Dead or missing. People in the audience never took their eyes off Nat. She had power here, real power. That was dangerous. A shady man by the bar also watched and waited. Nat cried and sang for her pals and all the other Disappeared. Was it really real? Teenagers going missing because they believed in freedom? The rest of Mayo's set passed in a haze of emotion. Two encores later, it was over.

Nat was drained and got a strong drink at bar. The man in black walked over and nodded at the girl. She looked back blankly. Her eyes followed his hand as he opened his jacket. She saw a gun. The threat was clear. Don’t step out of line. He finished his beer and left the bar. Natalie was shaking now, frightened that They knew who she was and that she knew what was going on. Her song was proof of that. The barman served her drink and she downed it on one.


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Deep in the forest off any track two people live in bizarre circumstances. There's nothing else like them near here, they're unique. Mulebitch lives and sleeps in a pink and yellow P reg Ford Ka and Chavbitch lives in a red N reg Fiat Panda amidst the trees. How did they get the cars here? By flying saucer? A nice home from home, comfy and safe. Sleeping on the lowered front passenger seat, lots of leg room. Great to have sex on too. With a stereo tape player and radio, there's banging Goth and metal music for your heart’s content. What's the best car in the forest? Why the Panda according to Chavbitch! Mulebitch thinks his Ka is better. Many drunken rows ensue. Safe to drink in the cars, both Bitchs drink while sat in the front seat of their respective cars, on consecutive weekends. No cops bug them; they can't be done for drink driving due to the forest hideaway. The cars have flat tyres! Food is out of date Aldi baked beans, fish from the river and berries off the trees. A simple rustic life in the forest, living and sleeping in cars.


In a war, conflict breeds loyalty not selfishness in your partner, not like chavy England. Basking in the illusional glow of my make believe achievements. More bad nights adding to my bank account of insomnia. She has fortitude in strength of character. I hate my own reality. What would it of been like to go and to His Latest Flame with Bernie? My most amazing gig with a real women of 21, me just a kid of 17. It was not to be, either of them. she polishrd my helmet with her tongue. If my life was an open book, on what page would you be? You hold onto every gal like she’s ‘The One’. Don’t ever take something sacred from a pagan site; you could bring ‘something’ back with you. There’s nowt like anger lifting my mood of depression. I hate my own reality.


I went looking for your grave today in the cemetery. My friend and me trying to find it; we didn’t. It’s a bank holiday today and no one is in the office to ask where your plot is. I’ll call them up and ask where your grave is, then I’ll go and pay my respect to you. When we were friends before I still remember what you said all those years ago, like it was yesterday. When I do find your grave, how will I be? Will I weep or smile when I remember you from years ago? If you were alive here now, how would you be? We could go for a beer and talk about life. But we can’t, your forever gone from this earth. There’s so much more to tell, not all of it good, after I heard of your death back then. I won’t say that. What I must say, is that I miss you my friend who's gone from this world but not our memories.


I was crossing the road when a cunt in a silver Vectra mk2 came leisurely down the road, taking his time. I ambled over the road and he went past in the other lane, yards from me. He called me a fucking dick and I gave him the middle finger. If he came back id smash his fucking face in with a bottle of Kasteel Cru French ale. Fuck the cunts and Vectra drivers you won't get away with calling me names.


I was crossing the road in town when I had another row with yet another cunt in a silver car. This is getting to be a regular occurrence; it seems only cunts drive silver cars in my crap town full of cunts. A silver 16 year old Corsa, totally fucked, went slowly up the road. I was like, come on! He said, what’s all this? It’s a road! I was like, come gay boy, move it! I seem to attract dick heads in silver cars. The end result is this poem about pricks who drive silver cars slowly in front of me and row with me. I don’t give a fuck about them, lazy absent minded fuckers who take their time.

Chicken Doner Mixed Kebab on Nan with Everything on with Chips and Drink By Nick Armbrister

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This new adult erotic poetry collection features new work. It covers sex, fantasies and things related to bedroom matters. From rude Spam emails to dark desires, it is all here. If you want to read something different, this ebook is it...

Spear Fly By Nick Armbrister & Saurabh Pant

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This is the new book by Nick Armbrister and Saurabh Pant. The book is in two parts. Nick's part is of alternative poems and narratives. Topics range from current affairs, war, sex, people, life, death and much more. The emotions are as varied.

This is balanced out by Saurabh's section on America and its colonization of itself and the world. His poems many centuries and topics. His readers will relate to this and be interested in the history and facts. His work is well researched and written.

Blow Me Down Erotic By Nick Armbrister

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This adult erotic ebook by Nick Armbrister features a few stories and poems. One story called Banana Nana was a previous release with his ex American publisher. It sold well. Now it's here with new work.

Joining it is a short story on a Russian Neo Soviet soldier spy. Age only eighteen, Boris knows his trade. World conquest is his game.

And meet the tattoo couple from Boston. What are their names and their hobbies? Read on to find out.

Then there are the poems. Nick has been busy hehe...

Gryphons By Nick Armbrister

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A truly unique author called Elizabeth Hand wrote the stunning novel Aestival Tide back in 1992. This inspired my own writing and is my favourite book. 

I based my poems upon Liz’s Gryphon aircraft from her novel and other flying machines. Her craft are her creation, I made them fly. Without Liz’s writing my poems and writing would not exist.

This short project is my fan fiction in tribute to her breathtaking work. The aircraft and flying machines are designed by a lady named Aeroplane Girl. She is my own creation.


Enjoy my free download. Shall we fly?

Rantings of a Damaged Mind By Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler

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This genie spell hex you put on me will kill me.

I want to die.

I'm sick of the anxiety and shit you cause me, in my head all the time.

Why did you magically bind me to you?

We belong together? Horse shit!

You belong in the bottom block.

You're nuts and drive me insane.

I must end my life and get away from you. Permanently.

I borrowed my mate's pistol. He's a dealer.

His chrome Snub Nose 38 felt nice in my hand.

One pull of the trigger and I'm toast.

I put the gun in my mouth and close my eyes.

You're not on my mind, you fucking bitch!

Soon I'll be in paradise, far from you.

I squeeze the trigger. Bye bye bitch!


Frantic with stress I check the gun. It's loaded.

I put six 38 Dum Dum bullets in myself.

The firing pin is okay. Should be no problem.

I try to blow my fucking head off again.

I feel you trying to control me. Fuck off!


Oh Satan! What did that bitch do?

She hexed me so I can't commit suicide.

I must rush to my mate's so he can shoot me, before you come for me...

Memories (by Mel)

Today as I sit and think of you,

I remember your face so dearly.

I can still see the love which shone

As the lights flashed across your face.

I remember a straight line across your jaw

And the tightness of your expression.

I can still see the creases on your face

As you smiled at your friends.

You seemed so sure and confident

And so relaxed and patient.

I stood and watched you and

When your gaze met mine, I glanced away.

I glanced away even though I didn't want to.

I turned away though my heart was screaming.

I felt as though you were still looking at me

And your gaze seemed to tear me apart.

I wanted to run up to you and hold you close

and perhaps then you would have known how I felt

About you...

I see you so clearly in my dreams and it seems

as though you're a part of me, but you suddenly drift away.

You drift away because my grasp on you isn't secure.

You drift away in dark and smoky clouds.

I reach out for you every way I can.

I whisper your name as I walk down deserted alleys and high mountains.

I see your face in everything I do,

and I fumble with sweet thoughts of you.

Will I ever make you mine or will you always

Be a memory that I failed to erase.


Aurora's Night Jimmy Boom Semtex

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One week after that, I was called into the boss' office. Why? Had I screwed up my job? Had a jet crashed? No, I'm too good. Why then? Did I talk when pissed when I was in bed with Sally? The hot bar girl I met. You should have seen her legs. Went on forever! No. The boss read me like a plane book!

"Relax son. I've a job for you, if you want it. You know how we work here. Hush hush. I heard about your paper plane win. Well done. Listen... build us a plane. The coolest plane ever built. You up for it?"