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Author, writer, poet, aviation enthusiast, reading, writing, gothic/alternative/heavy metal music fan, gig lover, films, nature, outdoor enthusiast/hiker, a lover not a fighter, tattooist/tattoo collector and pagan. I'm working on full coverage and more ink to follow. I love good ink on gals. I love goths, witches, indie chicks, metal heads, artists, teachers and singers. I'm never bored due to my interests esp writing, being into planes and my love of getting tattooed. I'm a published poet since 1996 in the poetry scene, small press. In zines, mags, collections, in books. I have some books out on good sites like amazon and itunes. My books by NICK ARMBRISTER or my pen name JIMMY BOOM SEMTEX.

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Nick has worked with other writers like Andy N, Mel Grobler, PJ Reed, Saurabh Pant, Shy Lhen Esposo and others on joint poetry books/poems. 

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A REVIEW OF MY DARK POETRY/SHORT STORIES! War. The mind of Nick Armbrister is a mind of war. War everyday. Every breath. Every sentence. His work is dark and real. Poetry that is not for pussies. It is verse for those who want the truth about the human mind. The disease, the despair, the carnage filled hell that is life. Armbrister pulls you deeper into his world with every word and you will be changed. He will leave you ready for war even in times of peace. The citizens of London , Manchester England better watch their asses because Nick is on the loose and he doesn't give a shit about writing stuff that is commercial. All he cares about is pain, suffering, crazed humanity, and about getting down in the trenches and pistol-whipping his readers with devastating blows of reality. Reality that this world has lost. But not for long. Read Nick Armbrister and prepare for Armageddon. ---Andrew C. Zinn author of The Truth Behind The Eyes.


I'm just me a goth/alternative guy who loves writing since 1996 been published in the small press, poetry scene. Did my own anthologies of poetry+short stories. Done 2 mystical novels, now do ebooks in erotica/romance. I'm a very versatile writer who is widely regarded as the best in Oldham of his generation and one of the most talented in the Greater Nanchester/Lancashire area. This is backed up by continuous publishing in the small press from being in DJ Tyrer's series of magazines on Atlantean Publishing (Southend, Essex) to appearing in the critically acclaimed Earth Love nature zines to many other lesser known places. Over the years appearances in poetry anthology books like the series run by Select Publications (Tilbury, Essex) to other collections. Nick appeared online rather late but a few of his poems made it onto several sites including DJ Tyrer's and other ones. Please make up your own mind on nick's mad creativity. One day he wants to find his old aircraft art and release a full size picture book of his rare lost early art when he finds it. I luv tats+collect them lol see my pics. I luv planes very much, since 1981 my dad's influence. been into goth music since the late 80s. I read Sven Hassel since mid 80s and Liz Hand since early 90s both got me into writing theyre the best. I'm alternative, luv anything goth, pagan, magical etc and luv history, mountains, like my country, like interesting, creative+fun people. Like many alternative people im different, often misunderstood coz of what I like, I've got issues like anyone else. I have lots to write about lol my head is a tv! I tolerate other religions but won't be preached to. I luv weapons like missiles, jets, lasers, stories on ufos+secret planes that don't exist but I equally believe in the power of world peace and patience to overcome differences. I like beer, red wine, vodka. I luv sexy goth gals with bare legs+pale faces. I like life. I luv dark clear evenings and nature when she is wild. Below is a list of my books click the links to view them you can order them online or in good bookshops. My books are written under my name of Nick Armbrister.


2011 NICK ARMBRISTER OFFICIAL WRITING BIOGRAPHY Nick Armbrister (Nicholas Arthur Armbrister) is an English writer, born in Oldham, Lancashire, England in 1971. He is best known for his poetry and short stories published since 1996 in the “small press,” his own self published collection of books, which include the poetry volumes “Fade into Focus, Focus into Fade” (2006), “Skeward Images” (2007) and “Her Name is Hope – Life Force” (2008). A collection of short stories “A Nation in Flames” (2007) brings his early work together. A collection of his aviation based poetry was released in 2009 on lulu, “Aeroplane Poems.” Nick moved into fiction writing, completing two novels in his “Juniper’s Daughter” series, these included “Juniper’s Daughter” and the follow up “Juniper’s Daughter – Frontier Town” (both released 2011). Early Life Born in a working class town Oldham, north of Manchester, Nick left school in 1987 and went into college and into several varied jobs ranging from motor vehicle repair, bakery work to fork lift truck driving. His early aspirations to join the Royal Air Force came to nothing. As a child Nick wanted to join the RAF due to his love of aviation and planes but he was put off by the strict discipline. For most of his life Nick lived in and around Oldham where he worked and started writing, his writing stemming from his love of music and reading. Growing up in the latter years of the cold war shaped Nick and he gained a strong interest in aviation and military history. Along with his love of music of that era formed his journey into writing. For a few brief years Nick made plastic model aeroplane kits and drew aircraft drawings on his path to creativity that would eventually stop in his writing. He is an only child. Writing Career He tried to join a band but couldn’t sing or play any instrument. He follows music like gothic bands of the 1980s like The Mission, All About Eve, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy and more. He also a fan of 80s pop like The Bangles and Berlin and some metal bands like Metallica and 80/90s metal. He got into gothic metal from Europe and Scandinavia in 2001 when a penpal sent him a tape of The Gathering and Lacuna Coil. Nick has tattoos of these two bands and some other band names and other tattoos. All of this inspires his writing and feature in some of his poems. He has seen many gigs live and this inspires his poetry too. Nick started writing poetry in April 1996 while listening to Goth and metal music at an old friends’ flat while getting drunk. Each Wednesday Nick went and drank beer, listened to music and created his very early work. He did up to eight short poems or a few longer ones and took a chance in sending them off to get them published. If he failed and none were accepted, he would of quit writing. But one was accepted in an early issue of an Alanis Morrissette fanzine called The Pill, Nick’s poem was called “Ode to Alanis”. Other poems were published in the “small press” (poetry scene) in a selection of magazines like pagan magazine Ace of Rods (his long poem in verse “The Dark Tower”). Nick had poetry included in a variety of poem anthology books featuring various poets. His first was called “Through my Eyes” in a Poetry Today book called “Rivers and Bridges” in 1997, more followed. Different subject matter in Nick’s poems appeared in collections by the Poetry Guild and in up to half a dozen books by the Select Publications of Tilbury, Essex. Nick appeared in these in the late 90s with up to two poems in a single book (e.g. “The Road” and “Mustiness”). From 2001 Nick was published in DJ Tyrer’s series of magazines (Atlantean Publishing), appearing in The Supplement, Awen, Bard, Garbag and Monomyth. Several dozen of his poems on much subject matter have been published up to 2008. Also several short stories appeared in Monomyth which is a short story magazine edited by DJ Tyrer. Two examples of Nick’s stories are themed around the Cold War like “Red Empire” and “Final Flight”. Nick’s only piece to be published in Oldham was called “Kahlia Akasha” this was in a short story collection book about Oldham titled “Big Sky, New Light” and was published in 2004. Nick was in the local newspaper called the Advertiser. His story was about an aeroplane. Nick moved from Oldham in December 2005 to the Essex/London area to further his writing career and to compile his writing anthologies, his first four volumes. This he did until his return to Oldham in late 2008 where Nick continuously writes. His first three self published books are with iuniverse of America. The first two are poetry collections “Fade into Focus, Focus into Fade” and “Skeward Images.” This was his early poetry. A short story collection followed titled “A Nation in Flames”; this comprised his stories on war, planes, Goth, horror and more. Nick compiled a further third volume of poetry under the title of “Her Name is Hope – Lifeforce”. This contains the rest of his poetry from 1996-2008 that never made his first two poem books and is published by lulu. Nick was invited to do spoken word performances and work with a guitarist/band on his poems performing in front of a live audience. This he did in The Abbey pub and also The Gardeners pub in Oldham in 2009. Nick worked briefly with an American ebook publisher before parting ways for professional reasons. Nick did a spoken word album called She Flies, it's on reverbnation.

Nick continues to write his varied poetry and stories to this day, 2017. His work is as unique and as alternative as ever.